CAZ offers a variety of services to keep your crawl space and attic clean, sealed and insulated. This helps improve your home’s air quality and temperature regulation.

Our services include:

  • Clean and vacuum your attic or crawl space
  • Remove worn or damaged insulation and replace it with new insulation
  • Apply organic enzymes to reduce odors
  • Install vapor barriers and ground covers to control moisture
  • Remove rodent droppings, bird nests and other animal debris, and install screens or other barriers to keep animals out in the future
  • Insulate heat ducts, water lines, skylights and solar tubes
  • Prevent heat loss with duct sealing and air sealing
  • Add inline fans to improve air circulation

We can also add these services as part of your cleanout:

  • Dig trenches or install sump pumps to promote drainage
  • Repair or replace foundational posts and pads
  • Replace heat ducts and dryer, bath fan or kitchen range hood vents