CAZ Construction offers excavation services for large and small projects including demolition, trenching for utilities, replacing water/sewer lines and landscaping.


  • Trenching for water, electrical, cable or internet
  • Replacing water and sewer lines
  • Digging foundations for new or remodeled homes
  • Installing or removing landscaping, and installing drainage
  • Delivering and spreading topsoil, sand or gravel; repairing roads and driveways
  • Demolishing one- and two-story homes


We’re one of the few companies in Bellingham to offer trenchless pipe replacement. This technology allows us to excavate only the ends of an existing pipe instead of having to dig up the entire line – great when you have landscaping, fences, driveways or sidewalks you don’t want disturbed. It’s generally faster and cleaner than traditional digging methods, too.

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